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Last update 13/Jun @ 14:22 HRS


13/Jun @ 14:22 HRS

Servers sin01, sin02, sin03 and sin04 have been fully restored, if you're facing any issues please submit a support request.

13/Jun @ 10:20 HRS

Sin02 is 100% online, sin03 failed and we're restoring again. Sin01 required MySQL to be optimized and avoid data corruption.

12/Jun @ 11:20 HRS

Sin02 and sin03 are taking longer to restore due some corrupted databases.

11/Jun @ 17:50 HRS

Restoration for sin02 and sin03 failed and has been restarted, it will take a few more hours.

11/Jun @ 13:38 HRS

[sin03 - Down] Server is getting a quick memory upgrade, will be online in a few minutes. MySQL restoration won't be affected.

11/Jun @ 12:40 HRS

MySQL restorations are flowing as expected.

11/Jun @ 09:55 HRS

Servers sin01 and sin04 are at 100% now, we're restoring MySQL from R1Soft on servers sin02 and sin03, this will take a few hours.

11/Jun @ 07:35 HRS

All servers are up, sin02 is still updating DNS zones, sin01 is complete, sin04 online but restoring MySQL from r1soft, sin03 online with a few database's issues.

10/Jun @ 01:40 HRS

Doing post restoration tasks on servers sin01, sin03 and sin04 before putting them online.

09/Jun @ 18:50 HRS

Restorations are still running. No other changes or delays.
09/Jun @ 07:05 HRS BMR's are still running as expected, sin02 restoration is scheduled to begin later today.
08/Jun @ 19:30 HRS We started a BMR on sin01, sin03 and sin04. Backup of sin02 is still being transferred.
08/Jun @ 15:10 HRS We have transferred so far 10% of the server's backups.
08/Jun @ 13:15 HRS
New home for Singapore servers is ready, backups are still transferring, network speed is back to normal.
07/Jun @ 24:00 HRS
Transfer's progress has slowed a bit, we're investigating.
07/Jun @ 21:00 HRS Singapore's backup server was connected again and we started to move files to our Phoenix Datacenter.

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