Using Temporary URLs

If you would like to preview your website before pointing DNS at it, here are a few options on how to do so.

Using a subdomain 

One way to achieve this is using subdomains, using this method means it's a completely supported feature and it will not be removed in the future, the site will just work, because it will be served just as if it was a regular site, no tricks at all.

To do this, you need to have your domain added to your cPanel account, it can be either the main domain or an addon domain, it does not matter if the domain is not pointing to our server or if the domain is not using our nameservers.

Once the domain is in the cPanel account, you need to go to the subdomains module, the name of the subdomain can be anything you want, for example

Your site now has a document root where you can upload your files, the only thing left to do is to point this subdomain to the appropriate IP address assigned to your account, if you need help obtaining this IP address you can contact our technical support staff.

Now you can test your site, using the subdomain, to see how it runs straight through StableHost, without disrupting your main site.

Updating your local hosts file 

This method lets you run the site directly, using the real domain, which can be useful if your site depends on being visited through a specific address.

To do this, you can edit your computer's hosts file, which means the site (as hosted in StableHost) would only be available to this computer, which is often fine when developing it.

The path of the file depends on the operating system, on Linux/MacOS it is ```/etc/hosts``` , on Windows it is ```C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\etc\hosts``` (make sure you edit the file as an administrator)

Assuming your account's IP address is ``````, you will need to add something like the line below:


Using third party services 

Another option, albeit unsupported, is using a third party site/service that would translate/proxy the requests.

This method is quite easy and fast to set up.

An example of a similar site is, please keep in mind though we are not affiliated with them.

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