What should I use for my incoming/outgoing servers?

Please use the following information for e-mail settings:


Protocol: POP3
Incoming Mail Server: mail.yourdomain.com
Username [email protected]
Outgoing Mail Server: mail.yourdomain.com
Outgoing Mail Port: 26

Few things to note:

  • Replace yourdomain.com with your domain name.
  • The username is your full email address, so if you're checking email for [email protected], that would be username.
  • Some ISPs block port 25, so we offer both 25 and 26
  • In order to send outgoing email through our servers, we require authentication while sending. There should be an area to setup authentication for outbound email.

 If you have any questions or problems setting up your email, please open up a support ticket and we will help accordingly.

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