What restrictions do you have for your affiliate program?

We have a few rules that you must must abide by.

  • No Spam! - The last thing we want to see is our coupons and affiliate links spammed all over our forum posts and other online related forums.
  • No Keyword Bidding - This means don't use Google Adwords, Bing Advertising, etc and bid on keywords such as 'StableHost' 'stable host' and every other variation of our name to try to get people to use your link when looking for our company. This also includes registering domains under our names.
  • No Coupon Sites - Please do not use our affiliate links on coupon-only sites, there are sites out there that only offer "coupons" to customers which are only affiliate links. Keep in mind this is only coupon-only sites, if you have a hosting review site which offer coupons, this is allowed.


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